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Dear Families,


We hope you and yours are well after this week’s snowstorm. This is a reminder that if your child will be entering middle school this fall, you have less than a week left to apply to middle school. The deadline to submit your child’s application is Monday, December 5, 2022.


If you've already applied, great—you’re all set. Want to make changes to your application? You can do so any time before the Monday, December 5th deadline.


If you haven’t applied yet, we want your middle school application! There is no downside to applying now, even if you’re unsure of your family’s plans for the fall. 


  • Remember that submitting your child’s application is your best chance of getting an offer to a program you want.

  • Add up to 12 programs to your child’s application in your true order of preference, with your first-choice program at the top as #1. There is no better strategy.


There are three possible ways to apply:


  1. Online at ​​                                                                        Watch this video tutorial for a step-by-step walkthrough!

  2. Through your child’s current school counselor

  3. Through a Family Welcome Center


Want to learn more? Visit While you’re here, watch our video series, which walks families through the middle school admissions process. NEW videos are now available about the factors that determine offers and how to choose programs for your application.


Questions? We’re here to help with your application and any questions! Talk to your current school counselor Ms. Kearney. Feel free to email her at


All best,

The Middle School Admissions Team, Office of Student Enrollment

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